“Exceptional Team”

Zack and his team at The Purified Home are very knowledgeable, dependable and caring. After discovering we had mold in several places of my home, I truly feel they came to my RESCUE!! I hired them to replace my ductwork, clean my HVAC and put in a super V air filter. But Zack did more than that, he was there to help me navigate through a very difficult time in my life. I’m so very grateful to have found such an exceptional team to work with. I’m looking forward to having them back for other needs. Thank you!

“Very Responsive”

Zack was very responsive to all my questions about scope and timing of work (had to coordinate with other non-HVAC contractors). He also suggested some elegant solutions to an unrelated airflow issue. The level of detail in the company’s work was far superior to prior HVAC contractors I’ve used.
I highly recommend The Purified Home.

“Wealth of Knowledge”

Working with Zack is always a great experience. He takes the time to research and find the best products for his customers. Plus, he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to identifying toxins and sources of unnatural stress in the household.

I love the fact that he is always willing to educate his customers so they can make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing products for the home. Thank you Zack! You are definitely our go to guy when it comes purifying our home.

“I Can’t Recommend Zack Enough”

We had mold in our home, caused by a poorly installed HVAC unit in our roof, pooling and leaking water. Additionally there was mold in our garage and crawl space. Zack came to our home, went through the mold reports, inspected the roof HVAC, garage, and crawl space. He patiently and thoroughly explained the mold situation, outlining a comprehensive plan to clean up our home. He took apart and deep cleaned the inside of our downstairs HVAC system in the garage, cleaned out our crawl space and installed a fan to keep it dry and mold free.

Subsequent to our mold clean up, we have called him for other concerns. We routinely call him for house “check-ups.” We also had Zack install a whole house water filter, ensuring delicious and healthy water.

Zack understands the effect of environmental pollutants on the body and how to repair a sick house to create a healthy sanctuary.

He restored and now protects our biggest investment, our home. My husband and I can’t recommend Zack enough!